Arbitrum $2.3B 73.05%

Second Layer Solution

Access Layer 2 Network

with Real Time

NIZK provides Ethereum scalability solution with non-interactive zero-knowledge proof.

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Our Strength

Our layer2 solutions cover all kind of developers.

  • Atomic Swap

    Easy API but Strong

    You can hop any kinds of side chain with one line code.


    Welcome to NIZK smart contracts

    Our framework is based on GO. Write your contract with safe and ease.

  • Solidity

    NFT and Game Oriented

    In NIZK, we don't have limited solidity writing if you are Game and NFT developers.

  • Mission

    NO Centerlized

    Our strong motivation is for freedom. Currently, even in dex project, they are centralized. We strongly recommend blockchain is public.

  • No Unfair

    Equal for people

    Do you think Ethereum is expensive? That means limited people can use it. That's unfair.

  • Survive L2 world

    Aggregate them for ease

    So many projects are going on Layer2. In the near future, we can move one chain to one chain as natural

Our Nex Move launch

Developers and Users can try our NIZK demo





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What is NIZK

Our solution is based on ZK rollups which is extremely secure with pure cryptography.

Information of Token

Token Name NIZK Token
Type of Token ERC-20
Minimum Transaction amount 100 USD


Participated Developers


Average Code


Total Stars


Cover Rate of Solidity

See a short NIZK features Why it’s Important

You need to understand workflow of Layer 2.

Closed Security

Exisiting Layer2 solution has limits on the value. We don't have limits.

5 Minute Finality

Optimistic rollups need very long time to move L1 to L2. NIZK is 5 miniutes.

0.5k Gas per tx

As we shown before, our NIZK lower costs among all rollups project.